FAQ: Building Process

Who do I speak to if I have problems during the building process?

You will be allocated a Client Liaison Manager, who will be across all areas of your job. We also hold regular site meetings where you can discuss any aspect of the build with your site supervisor. We are a small building company who limits the amount of projects we do each year. All staff are familiar with each job so whoever answers the phone when you call knows who you are.

What do I do if I have problems with my house once you have finished the build?

We have a 12 month maintenance period. This is more than most builders and the standard maintenance period is 3 months.

How long will it take to build?

Average build time is approx. 15 months, however this will really depend on the site and the house. Eg, how difficult site works are and how much retaining is required, the complexity and size of the house (number of levels, etc). As well as the weather! Inclement weather delays work at site.

How can I speed the process up?

Start researching now and thinking about what you like in terms of flooring, wall tiles, plumbing fixtures, paint finishes, etc. Keep a scrapbook if you like, or start a pinterest board! We have one at www.pinterest.com/riverstone. Then when the time comes to make your selections with our Interior Designer you can do so quickly. Also signing and returning variations quickly, and paying progress claims on time helps.

Can I meet the trades on site to discuss my project?

Sure, but always with your Client Liaison Manager present. This way there are no mixed messages or any confusion in communications!

Where do the largest cost overruns come from throughout the build?

The most common overruns occur with electrical changes and tiling selections. We will only charge what you select, so if you stay with the standard specification overruns should not occur.