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Reverse living

Our latest display home in Minim Cove redfines contemporary family living. Clearly defined zones and an upside-down configuration mean the Skypoint is ideal for families with older children; the master suite, kitchen, alfresco and living areas are located on the upper floor, while the pool room and children's wing are on the ground floor, surrounding a central courtyard.

Despite the zoning, this luxury display home maintains a true sense of connection. A beautifully designed external steel staircase links the pool area to the first-floor alfresco, while a corridor with floor-to-ceiling glazing connects the master suite to the living area, downstairs courtyard and children's wing below.

Although modern in appearance, the Skypoint maintains Riverstone's trademark warmth, with a mix of materials and textures creating a welcoming, liveable home. The Skypoint is intended as a home where you can come in, kick your shoes off, and relax with family and friends.

The Skypoint took out the award for the best display home $700k and over athe 2016 HIA Perth Housing Awards.

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Walk through the SKYPOINT and take in all the detail with this new Riverstone video.


A true sense of connection

A thoughtful, collaborative design process has resulted in a warm, liveable, contmporary family home. Despite its clear zoning, with the master suite upstairs and a children's wing downstairs, the home maintains a true sense of connection.

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The Skypoint was recently featured on NewHomesGuide TV, where our Director Tim chatted about our recent HIA Award win for best Kitchen Design, and our Building & Design Consultant Cleve discusses the clever reverse living style house.

We wanted the front elevation to be clean and architectural, while maintaining the natural finishes that Riverstone is known for.

Paul Marshall, Director