Why Walk-In Showers are so 2016

Monday, June 13th, 2016
Posted by Anna

It’s about that time of year when we can begin to assess which trends are taking hold within luxury home bathrooms for 2016. And this year it’s all about decadence and a light feel, with a focus on walk-in showers and maximising space.

Jaclyn Woolnough from Reece, Perth’s leading bathroom retailer Perth comments on the importance of showers in a luxury:

“Your shower is the place where you start your day, and finish it too. It’s the source of refreshment, renewal and relaxation – which is why creating the perfect showering environment is so important. Generous walk-in showers infuse your bathroom with a sense of openness, making it look and feel like a spacious retreat. This can be accentuated by minimal fixtures and frameless glass.”

Here are our top trends for your bathroom in 2016.

walk in showers

Walk-in showers

Gaining traction and popularity over the past few years, walk-in showers are back in 2016 - bigger and better than ever. With the ease of walking straight into a sanctuary-style shower, you’ll never look back to climbing into a combined tub-shower situation again! This also means eliminating any tiled nib walls or steps to get over before walking in. Walk-in showers allow you to do exactly that, walk straight in and enjoy. 

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Bathtub features
Bath tubs are separating out to stand on their own four feet! Make sure your walk-in shower and your bathtub are separated for maximum luxury appeal in 2016. If you’ve got the space, opt for original styles in bathtubs, or even have your old tub refreshed with a coat of paint and finishing. Finish off the spa look with candles, natural stone ornaments, and fluffy robes for maximum impact.

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Large shower spaces
With the popularity of walk-in showers, shower spaces are becoming larger and larger. This is perfect for creating luxury appeal, and paired with seamless glass doors and large size tiles, you’ll be able to create a light and spacious feel to your bathroom. This also allows space for more than one occupant to shower at once. Gone are the days of squashing in to save space and time getting ready in the morning. You’ll be welcoming a luxuriously pleasant experience every morning and night.

luxury shower spaces

Shower heads
Shower heads are really turning it on this year (pardon the pun)! With large walk-in showers come larger shower heads. These are becoming popular due to the softness of the water flow as well as water-saving capabilities. Rain shower heads usually have different settings, from soft realistic rain showers to water-saving spouts. They also look very appealing with many opting to mount from the roof for full effect. So if you want to create a true sanctuary-style bathroom for 2016, make sure you include one of these.

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Add a flat screen to your wall so you can watch from your walk-in shower or bathtub. Heat your floors and towel racks, or even your toilet seats. Add some dimmers to your lighting and audio speakers for added tranquil and relaxation effect!

Jaclyn from Reece adds:
"For an added sense of luxury overhead showers offer a completely immersive showering experience - like that of a waterfall. For a little extra water therapy, add a set of Teknobili Body Jets to your shower space. The full body effect of these luxurious shower jets will soothe both body and mind.”

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Colour trends
Colours are fairly neutral for 2016, with many new home builders opting for ‘greige’ tones such as light greys, marble and quartz, paired with whites and off-whites for a simple but effective look.


Monday, June 13th, 2016
Posted by Anna

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