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Monday, June 27th, 2016
Posted by Anna

Vertical gardens are making their way into the new list of ‘must-haves’ for luxury home owners, particularly as home and block sizes are shrinking every year. In order to put a touch of greenery back into their backyards, home owners are creating beautiful green walls full of flowers, plants, and herbs.
What is a vertical garden?
A vertical garden makes the most of tight spaces by allowing plants to grow upwards, through planting on a wall. Vegetation is supported and grown vertically, creating colourful features with many benefits.

Why vertical gardens?

There is no doubt that vertical gardens look amazing in luxury homes, adding a special touch as well as making the most of tight spaces. They look great near pools, spas, gazebos, and also as feature walls in any garden.

Residential Landscape Architect from Tim Davies Landscaping, Tristan Peirce, says that “with the inevitable decreasing sizes of blocks, landscape spaces need to be thought of differently to maximise opportunity for green space. Green walls are an innovative way to achieve this and if cleverly designed, can present as a living artwork, complementing the home.”

The vertical garden Riverstone created with TDL for our Lakebreeze project, is a living, breathing, work of art and is a stand out feature of the home. Despite the home being built on a small block, the owners still wanted greenery and gardens around them. Riverstone worked closely with TDL to create this lush, green wall in the central courtyard of the home, and the owners are thrilled with the finished product.

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Benefits of vertical gardens

·         Make the most of limited space and make spaces appear larger and more luxurious

·         Add a focal point to your outdoor area

·         Grow your own herbs to eat and save money

·         Easy to cultivate and keep alive for those without green thumbs

·         Create your own colour scheme to suit your décor and add a splash of colour

·         Feel good about the environment due to planting more greenery, if you plant on an outside wall, the vertical garden can actually keep you home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing your electricity bills to regulate temperature

Want to get started? 

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You can get started on your own vertical garden and add a luxury touch in the process. All you need is a blank wall or strong standing divider somewhere in your outdoor area. Here are some simple steps to get you started:
1. Choose your style – You can opt for individual pots, picture frames around a woven mesh, or go for soft pockets for a lighter option.
2. Pick the plants – depending on if your vertical garden will be in the shade or sun, you should choose your plants to suit. You may decide to go for succulents, a particular shade of flowers, herbs, or even alternate colours and create a piece of art! Remember, your plant choice needs to be one which doesn’t need a lot of soil, such as a geranium, bromeliad, or Hestia.
3. Take care of it – ensure to prune back, water and feed your plants regularly. This is a fairly low maintenance garden feature, however you do still need to ensure that you give it attention to keep your plants alive. You can have installed simple irrigation systems to water the garden for you, and even utilise rain water.

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Monday, June 27th, 2016
Posted by Anna

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