Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club & the Gallipoli 100 Row

Monday, October 26th, 2015
Posted by Anna

It was an unrepeatable ANZAC experience for the CSLSC rowers who covered 60 km in two days rowing down The Dardanelles landing at ANZAC Cove to celebrate the centenary of the ANZAC landing. Riverstone Custom Homes gave its strong support for this mission as a proud sponsor of CSLSC. Tom Locke was part of the boat crew and recounts the special experience...

The CSLSC crew lead the field in after day one that concluded at Cape Helles, and on day two joined 27 other surfboats from Australia and New Zealand in a very special event, a landing on the beach where the first ANZACs came ashore some 100 years before. The Scots College Pipers and supporters were there to welcome the rowers and a gathering of exhausted Aussies and Kiwis shared a unique moment at the ceremony on that historic beach. The ode was recited by a Vietnam Veteran, Warwick Archer, who is also a former CSLSC member. All in all a deeply moving ANZAC Centenary event.

On ANZAC morning a full orchestra and choir from Sydney's Barker College supported our Dawn service at the Town of Gallipoli (Gallibolu) with thousands of Aussies, Kiwis and Turks attending. All boats rowed ashore at dawn to meet descendants of original Turkish WW1 veterans. The morning was bitterly cold but completely still and was another unforgettable experience. The hospitality from the Mayor of Gallipoli and the townsfolk was warm, and the large crowd stayed on to enjoy it well into the morning of a clear, sunny day.

Part of the CSLSC boat crew was Paul (Kiwi) Neville who is a long serving member of the SAS Regiment and also had service in the NZ Defence Force. The "Kiwi" gave us that special military link to the 1024 Western Australian Gallipoli veterans' names, arranged by regiment around our boat, and the 46 WW1 CSLSC Vets inscribed in the bow. It was a privilege to have him on board.

It was a five year journey for our Cottesloe crew with an unforgettable and unrepeatable conclusion. 

Lest We Forget.

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Monday, October 26th, 2015
Posted by Anna

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