Riverstone's 20 Years of display homes

Monday, April 20th, 2015
Posted by Anna

2015 marks Riverstone's 20 Year anniversary... time flies when you are having fun!

We have seen many designs, trends and styles over the past 20 years, some of which we have showcased into our luxury display homes. This year on the blog, we're going to flashback to some of our display home highlights since our inception, way, way back in 1985 :)

One of our first display homes (the first of the digital photography era anyway!) was called The Cumberland. Built in 2000, the home was one of the very first homes built in the exclusive "St Peters Square" estate, Mount Claremont, and was a huge success for Riverstone.

A traditional, cottage, limestone house, this type of home was Riverstone's bread and butter, and was our trademark at the time. Although we have evolved our look over the years, to offer our clients a wide variety of designs and styles, this traditional style is still popular and The Cumberland even inspired a new client's home in Floreat in 2012.

Here is the original Cumberland, circa 2000 (as you can see, digital photography has come a long way since then!): 

riverstone luxury display home The Cumberland


And The Cumberland "rebooted", in 2012:

Riverstone luxury home The Cumberland



Monday, April 20th, 2015
Posted by Anna

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