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Monday, September 9th, 2013
Posted by Anna

At the age of eight, Nadia Clark was fascinated by the drawings her dad worked on as a student at the Regent Academy of Fine Arts in London.

“I would just stand there and watch him. Then he started photocopying the drawings so that I could work on them, too,” says our new British-born interiors expert.

It was certainly a sign of things to come. Nadia’s dad went on to become a master painter specialising in high-end specialist finishes such as marbling, and Nadia set her sights on the world of architecture, design and décor.

Moving to Perth as a teenager, she completed a four-year degree in interior architecture at Curtin University, cementing a passion for how spaces work – as well as how they look.

“It’s much more than just colour and soft furnishings. It’s about designing the space; how you want the space to work and flow,” she says. “The whole building needs to read as one.”

After focusing on architecture during her first year of study, Nadia quickly recognised that she loved seeing a project through to the end, right down to the last detail – inside and out.

“I realised I couldn’t just hand over a building and let someone else finish it. I had to finish it myself,” she says.

Attention to detail also became a priority as she explored interior design, whether it was picking the perfect shade of white or being spot-on with the tape measure.

“One day our lecturer sent a group of us to measure this huge church. We had to measure everything, from the height of the ceilings right down to the stained glass windows and the size and position of the pews,” she says.

Work experience with a high-end kitchen and bathroom company was followed by part-time work with a boutique Perth builder, who quickly offered her a full-time role after she graduated.

Today, it’s clients building a luxury custom-designed RiverStone home who will benefit from Nadia’s unerring eye for detail and knack for achieving just the right look.

“It’s an evolving process. It’s your space, but I’m there to guide you,” she says.

Nadia, who has joined our team as our talented new interior architect, confesses she spends most lunchbreaks checking out and she frequently adds to a journal already stuffed full of design inspiration.

“While I’m drawn to contemporary and eclectic styles, I love being exposed to lots of different styles, including the Hamptons look and art deco style. And I can’t wait to work on RiverStone’s luxury display homes,” she says.

“I love using natural materials; they can be both practical and beautiful and a home seems warmer. Natural materials will age over time and tell their own story.”

Whether it’s classic Hamptons, uber-contemporary or traditional chic, it’s Nadia’s job to help the custom builder’s clients with their selections, breaking the process down into easy-to-manage tasks, from taps and tiles, to cabinets and cornices.

Clients also have access to extra advice from Nadia, from designing and ordering custom-made furniture, to picking curtains, wall colours and carpets. She can even source cushions, cutlery and crockery as part of a “turn key” service so that their luxury bespoke home is ready to move into.

“I’m looking forward to the variety at RiverStone,” Nadia says. “I love the fact that every day is different.”

Nadia’s top tips:

  • Mood boards and scrapbooks will help you determine the look you love.
  • Add colour through furniture and artwork.
  • Don’t underestimate the impact of a great lighting design.



Monday, September 9th, 2013
Posted by Anna

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