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Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
Posted by Anna

As Operations Director at Perth luxury home builder RiverStone, Tim Marshall heads up the construction, estimating, scheduling, drafting and accounts teams. But this switched on Dad always welcomes the chance to get out of the office and onto a building site.

The company's registered builder, Tim is well aware of the day-to-day demands of crafting a new RiverStone home and isn't afraid to get hands on. "We're a custom builder and build individual homes so we're often doing something for the first time," Tim says. "It's always good to see that things have gone according to plan and to see the finished product."

It's Tim's job to make sure RiverStone clients know exactly how much their new home will cost, and then oversee installation. "The fact that we design the homes means we can offer our clients accurate pricing, and fixed pricing."

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how big the budget is, people like to know how much they're spending and what they're spending it on. "Clients want peace of mind that they're getting value for money, and that care and attention is being given to working out the price," TIm says.

To add to the challenge, clients often present RiverStone with a picture of an uber-cool product they want to source from overseas or a daring new design feature they want to create.

"There's always something new that the client has seen, has got in mind or has a picture of, that they want to include and need a price for," Tim says. "I find the work challenging so I enjoy coming to work every day. It's pretty fast-paced and I do enjoy the pressure. I also enjoy the fact that this is a family business."

Tim's dad Paul, his mum Mary, sister Emily and wife Brooke are all part of the team at RiverStone, which built its first luxury home in 1995. As a student, Tim spent school holidays working on building sites alongside brickies and roof carpenters, and later gained his builder's ticket through TAFE while working at RiverStone during the day.

"Becoming the registered builder at RiverStone was a goal that I wanted to achieve," he says. "It also helped me get a really good overview of everything because I had to do supervising for a couple of years.

"I still enjoy running projects and the challenges associated with that, especally at RiverStone where every project is different. But it's a fine line between fulfilling our first and foremost objective - to build great homes for our clients and offer great service - and ensuring we are still here as a viable business."

Tim's role as Operations Director enables him to explore many of the issues that affect the residential building market, from state-of-the-art new construction materials to the latest 'green' products.

"Our display homes are a good way of illustrating topical issues and showcasing new products that we have thoroughly researched," Tim says. "I like to keep up to date with what's happening out there in the market and maintaining the quality that we pride ourselves on."

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013
Posted by Anna

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