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Monday, November 19th, 2012
Posted by Anna

Quality, individual design and luxury are traits synonymous with the RiverStone name so it was only fitting that the new website represented these attributes, designed by cutting-edge digital agency Bouncing Orange.

“The key objectives for this website were to extend RiverStone’s brand excellence and reputation offline to the online world, targeting people who aspire to live in luxury homes,” Bouncing Orange managing director Niek van Santen said.

“The website needed to position RiverStone as the leader of its industry, to propose innovative ways of approaching the process of building luxury homes, and have an educational and customer focus.”

Niek said the desire was to make RiverStone’s website look and function differently from all other luxury home builders’ around the world.

“We began by researching products of a similar prestige stature, such as high quality watches and automotive to compare how their brand messaging was communicated throughout the online experience,” he said.

The resulting design approach was minimalist and elegant, making use of the negative space as much as possible, and they say looks aren’t everything but the refined home page creates a memorable first impression.

“We combined this minimalist style with a modern typography treatment and RiverStone’s quality imagery to create a true feeling of luxury and prestige.”

“Along with showcasing the homes, educating the potential RiverStone clients on their services as well as the build process was one of the key drivers for this website; for this reason we chose to adopt a narrative styled approach to the Process page in order to create an informative yet unique user experience.”

The home page of the website features among other things full-screen responsive showcases and background images and a customised map with pins to represent both display homes and the company headquarters.

“The parallax effect was used on the Process page for the background images and elements that beautifully fly around the page, and as the user scrolls it enhances what is being showcased and the experience.”

“To complete the user experience, we filled the website with engaging interactivity and dynamic content, including the parallax animation, large highlight buttons, responsive full screen image panels and the short video vignette outlining RiverStone’s design process,” Niek said.

Bouncing Orange started in 2004 as a boutique web company and has advanced into a major player in the Perth web industry; working with government, big name corporate and national companies.

Bouncing Orange caters for all types of digital projects, including websites, intra/extranet, online marketing and advertising, social media and e-Commerce solutions.
This year marked the pinnacle of growth for the company, becoming a true full service digital agency by adding in-house photography, film and video capabilities.

“With more opportunities to communicate via the moving image through the ever-growing digital TV and web video streams, we can now offer our clients the services needed for them to capitalise,” Niek said.
The Bouncing Orange production team consists of strategists, creatives, account/project managers, web designers and web developers, directors and editors.

“Our young and diverse team are always at the forefront of new developing technologies and online customer behaviour.”
The Bouncing Orange name was derived from how creative the team can be in the digital realm.

“If we can make oranges bounce in our world, we can make amazing things happen in yours.”

Monday, November 19th, 2012
Posted by Anna

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